CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit with Screen and Cover

Spring, summer and fall are perfect seasons to enjoy the outdoors – not only during the day, but into the evening as well. If you love to entertain outdoors or relax outside in the evening, watching as the stars come out one by one, you’ll love the idea of adding an Outdoor Fire Pit For Fall Elegance.

If you love to entertain outdoors or relax outside in the evening, watching as the stars come out one by one, you’ll love the idea of adding an outdoor fire pit to your deck or yard for elegance, atmosphere and a warm and cozy spot to tell stories and share memories by.


Add a Fire Pit to Your Outdoors for Added Elegance


Featured Product:

CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit with Screen and Cover

This exquisite copper fire tub is extra deep for larger, longer-lasting fires. With the extra depth of this fire bowl, you will be able to enjoy bigger fires that can actually last the length of your party! A screen and vinyl protective outdoor cover are included.Extra deep tub for larger and longer lasting fire

The days of building archaic stone pits where you make a small fire in the back yard are gone. If you desire a bit more sophistication for your evenings, the CobraCo Round Fire Bowl, our featured product, will add beauty and style to any setting.

Most people these days love the idea of being able to use their patio, deck and backyard as outdoor extensions of their homes, and an outdoor fire pit is one feature that makes evening entertaining so much fun.

Imagine lighting a crackling fire in an elegant copper-finish and cast iron footed bowl. Think about how appealing that would look from the inside of your home, and how your guests would be drawn out to see it and enjoy themselves by it.



The 29.9-inch diameter of the CobraCo Round Fire Bowl allows for a fire large enough to cast a bit of warmth, dissipate darkness, and create an atmosphere of comfort and friendliness. There’s a mesh screen that can be used over the bowl, and a vinyl cover to protect it when not in use.

Because of its size, this elegant fire pit is easy to take along to the cottage, camping and on vacation. And it’s simple to clean, too.



In the spring and fall, it can add some warmth and light to cooler nights, making it possible to get the most outdoor enjoyment from your yard or deck as possible. In the summer, it becomes the centerpiece for a fun evening of toasting marshmallows or just mellowing out.

The bowl shape of your fire pit allows heat to dissipate in all directions. This means that in the heat of the summer, it won’t be as searing hot as a campfire, and in the cooler seasons, it will still shed some comforting heat if the evening temperatures drop.



A fire pit looks great, too – even when not in use. The pleasing curve of a round bowl fire pit is attractive in any setting. And bowl fire pits are not messy because they enclose all the ash in one easy to clean area. The copper finish of the CobraCo Round Fire Bowl is subtly sophisticated and compliments wood, stone and brick.

If you’re looking for a way to add a special touch of elegance and style to your outdoor living space, a fire pit is the way to go. For beauty and a way to extend outdoor entertaining into the evening, fire pits are perfect.


Do you have an outdoor fire pit, and how do you use it?

Disney Princess Crown Lamp

When I think of Princess lamps for girls bedroom, three ideas come to mind.

  1.  Disney Princesses
  2. Things that state you are a Princess
  3. Things that make you feel as if you are a Princess!

So, I decided to include Princess lamps for girls bedroom in each of those categories!

The featured lamp: Top off the decor in your little princess’s bedroom with this magical crown lamp. It features images of all her fairytale favorites like Cinderella and Belle. Lamp includes a 7-watt-maximum candelabra-base bulb. UL listed. Crown is not to be worn. Measures 7.5″ tall.Magical crown lamp

 Disney Princess Lamps

Princess Table LampPrincess Table Lamp

Disney Princess Carriage EVA Table Lamp - One SizeDisney Princess Carriage EVA Table Lamp – One Size

Disney Princess Eva Lamp - BelleDisney Princess Eva Lamp – Belle


Princess Table LampPrincess Table Lamp

Disney Princess Carriage EVA Table Lamp - One SizeDisney Princess Carriage EVA Table Lamp – One Size

Disney Princess Eva Lamp - BelleDisney Princess Eva Lamp – Belle



Disney Princess Magical Light-Up Storyteller Alarm ClockDisney Princess Magical Light-Up Storyteller Alarm Clock

Bedtime Originals Magic Kingdom LampBedtime Originals Magic Kingdom Lamp

Pretty Pink Princess Castle Table Lamp With ShadePretty Pink Princess Castle Table Lamp With Shade



The Wonderful World of Disney: Cinderella Figure LampThe Wonderful World of Disney: Cinderella Figure Lamp

Disney Princess Motion Lamp - One SizeDisney Princess Motion Lamp – One Size

DISNEY PRINCESS Chandelier Lamp - PINK - 14DISNEY PRINCESS Chandelier Lamp – PINK – 14″

Cuisinart TOB-40 Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler

The Cuisinart TOB-40 Compact Toaster Oven Broiler

I remember my grandma having a toaster oven when I was young, but we never made pizza in it, like you can with this Cuisinart model! We used it to make toast and warm up our doughnuts. Check out all that you can do with this new model.

TOB-40 Toaster Oven Broiler

Small Size, Big Performance

TControl Panelhe Cuisinart Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler (the TOB-40 model), has so much room that you can fit in six slices of bread at a time!  The interior is also large enough to fit an eleven inch pizza.

This Cuisinart model uses 1800 watts to maximize the heating elements and to minimize the time that’s spent cooking. It has a stainless steel front that gives it a modern look that goes well with almost every kitchen décor.


There are dials on the exterior that are used to set the temperature, function and the level of toast shade that you want it to be. The dials have easy grip rubber that doesn’t get hot when the oven is in use. 

The temperature dial ranges from 150 degrees up to 450 degrees so you can cook a variety of frozen foods without a problem. The function dial allows you to choose bake, broil, toast or the bagel function. 

The toast shade dial can be set to light, medium, dark and anywhere in between. Once you have the dials set, you then push the related button for whichever food you’re cooking. 

At any point during the cooking time if you want to check on your food you simply push the button to stop it and you can then open the door. The Always Even technology that a lot of Cuisinart models have is also included in this one. 

This technology allows the oven to monitor the temperature that’s used in toasting and adjust the timing so that the toast doesn’t burn. There is an indicator light that’s lit up to show you’re using the oven.  



Features and Benefits

It also has a small storage compartment for any excess cord that you don’t want lying on your counter. The interior of the oven has a nonstick reflective coating that makes cleanup easy to do.

When you open it up, the rack comes out on autopilot, making it hands free when you want to check the status of your food. A baking sheet, drip pan and broiling rack are also included with the oven. 

This model also has an automatic safety shutoff, which is a great feature if you have small children. At thirteen pounds, the toaster oven doesn’t take up too much counter space.

You can put the rack, pan and tray in the dishwasher. If you have a huge mess that got baked in good, then the drip tray may need to be soaked in hot water. If you don’t want to soak it, nonabrasive cleaners can be used on the pan.


Do you use a toaster oven, or a regular toaster?

Cleaning & Care

Before cleaning, always allow the oven to cool completely. After cooking greasy foods and after your oven has cooled, always clean the top interior of the oven. This will help to keep toasting consistent, cycle after cycle. To remove crumbs, simply slide out the crumb tray, discard the crumbs, wipe clean and replace. The crumb tray, wire rack and baking pan are all dishwasher-safe. To remove baked-on grease, soak the tray in hot sudsy water or use nonabrasive cleaners.



TLC VoxBox

There were a couple of other products that I did not realize were part of the Influenster VoxBox, so I wrote about them below.


influenster ivory soap


Ivory Soap: I took it out of the packaging and it looks just like the photos. White. It smells okay. I don’t hate the smell and it doesn’t give me a headache, but I’m not gonna sit around and smell it because I like it so much, either.

We’ll see later if it floats for us.




influenster BryersBreyers® Gelato Indulgences: I didn’t remember that this was part of the TLC voxbox. It came a few weeks ago before I got the rest of these items. It was good, but there’s not much there. I think it’s intended for two. I rarely get to do things for just two. I have KIDS! In fact, I got a very small amount of this before it was gone. The container is nice though!




influenster neo to go

 Neosporin neo to go: I love how convenient this packaging is. We’ve had one of these for a long time, but we don’t end up with too many scrapes and cuts around here, so we don’t get to use it much. I wonder if it could be put on a keyring?





Puffs To Go Pack

 Puffs® Puffs To Go pack. I really like this package! It’s a soft package similar to the kind of small travel pack tissues that I’ve seen before. But! Each tissue pulls out easily – one at a time – and it’s a full size tissue.

The flap kind of lost it’s stickyness and flops around a bit, but it’s not a big deal. The Prints are fun too.




influenster Avon

Avon Anew Reversalist Complete Renewal Express: As I shared in the video. I LOVE the packaging, but am not impressed with the actual product. Maybe it’s because I don’t have enough wrinkles, but it made no difference in the appearance of my skin.




influenster shellShell Gas Card: I can’t use this where I live. We don’t have any Shell stations! So, while I could earn points at restaurants, the points won’t do much for me because they are used for better gas prices!




I also said I would share a photo of my skin again later after the avon product had set in and after I put on makeup. These photos were taken about 3 hours later. My skin is freaking out today and I need a haircut badly,but here you go. I can’t see a difference.

IMG_20140702_141222506_HDR IMG_20140702_141156597_HDR IMG_20140702_105840426_HDR

Mr Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell - Weatherproof - Battery Operated - 140 Lumens

We all want to feel safer at home and using battery powered motion lights can certainly help us catch unwanted movement around the house. 

You could use these indoors or outdoors. Use it at your back door, front door, garage door, or even inside! I’m envisioning a light on the refrigerator door that lights up the late night snack thief in my home!

The first of our battery powered motion lights list is: 


Mr. Beams Intelligent LED Battery-Operated Lights

Motion Sensor LED Spotlight Features

MB360 Spotlight at a Glance:
  • Battery-powered, wireless LED spotlight
  • Attach anywhere
  • Designed to work in all weather conditions
  • Motion sensor with a range of up to 30 feet
  • Auto shut-off after 30 seconds without motion
  •  Weather resistant spotlight attaches anywhere and covers an area of over 400 square feet.

The perfect security light for yard, doorways, garage, and playground.

  • No Wires–Attaches Anywhere
  • Attach a spotlight anywhere: to your house, shed, garage, or even a tree. Mr. Beams offers simple installation with no wiring and no electrician needed.
  • Weatherproof
  • Tight seals and weather-resistant materials allow a Mr. Beams spotlight to work in all weather conditions.
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Mr. Beams Spotlight turns off automatically after 30 seconds of no motion, conserving battery life.
  • Motion Sensor Activated
  • The spotlight instantly turns on when it detects motion, and can detect motion from as far as 30 feet away with 180 degrees of vision.
  • Bright LED Light
  • The bright power LED provides 140 Lumens of bright white light.
  • Durable, Energy-Efficient LED
  • The bright LED never needs replacing–it’s so efficient that you will get more than 1,800 activations on one set of batteries.Mr. Beams MB360 Spotlight


 Here are four more top rated battery powered motion lights! 

Super Bright 15 LED Wireless Auto PIR Sensitive Motion Sensor Activated Light - WhiteSuper Bright 15 LED Wireless Auto PIR Sensitive Motion Sensor Activated Light – White



Mr. Beams MB723 Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight, 3-PackMr. Beams MB723 Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight, 3-Pack



Fulcrum 20031-101 Motion Sensor LED Porch Light, SilverFulcrum 20031-101 Motion Sensor LED Porch Light, Silver



Fulcrum 20032-301 6 LED Motion Sensor Weatherproof LightFulcrum 20032-301 6 LED Motion Sensor Weatherproof Light