Improve Dental Health With Interdental Brushes

No sane person likes to visit their dentist because there is always that fear that you might have to have work done. Well one way to reduce the possibility of tooth decay is by incorporating the use of an interdental brush into your daily teeth cleaning routine.   Featured Product: DenTek Easy Brush Standard features a non-slip flexible grip with a durable, tapered brush to help you deep clean around trouble spots. Get the easiest brush for a bright, healthy smile. Flossing and...

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When it comes to brushing, fear of cavities may be a more significant motivator than fear of periodontal disease. From the time we're able to hold a toothbrush, we're encouraged to present a cavity-free smile to our dentists—and for good reason. Left unchecked, cavities can cause serious and painful problems, from infections, to abscesses, to tooth loss. Dr. Alin Alkass notes that to understand cavities, we first have to understand how teeth are structured. Teeth have several layers, the...